Here you can configure application settings: 

Your task is to press the Space bar (blank, space) key as soon as you notice this.

You have 5 seconds to react after skipping the clock.

At the bottom of the screen, the time remaining until the end of the task will be displayed.

As the demo mode is on, the screen will change the background color to red just before each target signal (stimulus) appears. After the target signal appears, the background color will be green until the maximum allowed reaction time has elapsed. For real research, turn off demo mode and increase the duration of the task.


Target stimulus detection

Target = Ordinal number of the target stimulus.
Correct = Reacted correctly with the SPACE key within the allowed time interval.
RT = Reaction time in milliseconds (ms).
Total-target = Total number of target stimuli in the whole task.
Incorrect = The number of target stimuli for which the SPACE key is not pressed within the allowed time interval.
Errors-space = SPACE key pressed outside the allowed reaction time interval (false-alarm or too late reaction).
Errors-other = Total number of presses of all other keys (except SPACE) during the task.
Note:Time measurement precision (RT) might get rounded and vary depending on browser settings. For all Non-Real-time operating systems, a conservative assumption of the ordinal scale of measurement applies.


Target stimuli with correct reaction (percentage) is shown in green. Target stimuli with no correct reaction (percentage) is shown in red. Total range: 0%-100%.

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