Here you can configure application settings: 

Many target and non-target stimuli (different words) will be displayed on the screen.

All words will be printed in different colors. Your task is to select each word that has the same font color and textual content of the word. Eg. if the word "blue" is printed in blue font you should select it. Or if the word “red” is printed in green font you should not choose it.

Your task is to click (select) on each target stimulus. You can always undo your choice by clicking on the same word again.

When you have finished the task on the page, click the button at the bottom right of the screen (right arrow)

To go back to the previous page, click the button at the left bottom of the screen (left arrow).

Remember that the duration of this task is always limited. The remaining time until the end of the task is shown to you at the bottom of the screen.

As this is a demonstration task, each correct choice will be displayed with this background color. You can turn this setting off in Options.

Your results will be displayed at the end of the task.

Correct answers, errors and missing values

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