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This is a computer variant of the old memory game. This task consists of an even number of tiles with images on one side and a black back. Each image appears on exactly two tiles. When the task starts, all tiles are turned face down. The player then needs to select two tiles by clicking on them. If the two tiles have the same image, they will disappear, ie they will become white. Otherwise, the tiles flip back over after a small period of time. The goal of the task is to get all the tiles become white (i.e., find all the matching image pairs) in the least number of tries. That means that lower number of tries are better scores. After selecting each pair, you must wait about 1second. During this time, the screen border has a gray background color. You cannot select tiles during this time.

To go back to the previous page, click the button at the left bottom of the screen (left arrow).

To move to the next page, click the button at the bottom right of the screen (right arrow).

As this is a demonstration task, each correct choice will be displayed with this X. You can turn this setting off in Options.

Your results will be displayed at the end of the task.

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