Here you can configure application settings: 

Look carefully at the cross displayed in the center of the screen. While the cross is displayed in the center of the screen, look straight at it.

Look carefully at the center of the screen.

Suddenly, one or more black circles (dots) will appear on the screen.

Try to remember the position of these black circles.

After a while, these black circles will appear somewhere in the center of the screen.

Your task is to use the Drag and drop action to move these dots to the location (spatial position) where they previously appeared.

When you have moved all the dots to the desired location, click the button for the next task located at the bottom right of the screen.

At the beginning of each new task you have some limited time to go back to the previous task and correct your previous answer (left arrow).

The Progress bar will show how many items are left until the end of the task.

Note: as this is a demonstration task, the dots will be displayed in the positions where they should be located (i.e. where they were previously).

Results by items:

Success percentage (green) and Failure Percentage (red):

Success percentage for Left (Up)

Success percentage for Right (Down)

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