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Soon you will see balls (circles) moving slower or faster on the screen. Your task is to estimate the speed of movement of these balls by ranking them from the fastest to the slowest.

First click on the ball that is moving the fastest. After that, among the remaining balls, click on the one that is the fastest. Finally, click on the ball that you think is moving the slowest on the screen. You cancel your selection by clicking on the already selected ball (rectangle). It is safest to undo all the selected stimuli within the item and start the ranking process again. Warning: do not respond too quickly to tasks, but observe each task carefully for at least a few seconds before you start ranking. After you have ranked, ie selected all the balls, click on the button for the next task at the bottom of the screen.

Results for each item and summed results

For an explanation of the dependent variables, see under: Options => Latest research

The percentage of points scored (green) in relation to the maximum possible number of points in the task is shown. Total range: 0%-100%.

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