Here you can configure application settings: 

Please always make sure headphones/speakers are set to a low volume to avoid damage to hearing or equipment.

This is tone duration estimation task. Listen carefully to the tone that will be played through the speakers (headphones) and try to estimate the duration of the tone (length).

The panel for entering your answer will not be visible during tone playback, it will only appear after the delay period.Enter the estimated duration of the previous tone in the corresponding text box. It is necessary to enter the duration of the tone in milliseconds because some tones are shorter than 1 second. For the next task, press the ENTER key or click the "right arrow" button.

You must enter a valid tone duration value before moving on to the next task.

To return to the previous task, click the "left arrow" button.

As the demo mode is on, the correct selection will be displayed in each task.

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Descriptive statistics:

Inferential statistics - correlations:

Note: Ignore or at least very carefully use inferential statistics for small sample size. For an explanation of the terms used, see Options => Latest Research

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