Here you can configure application settings: 

Please always make sure headphones/speakers are set to a low volume to avoid damage to hearing or equipment.

This is the task of ranking the length of the tones. You will hear 2 tones in each task. There will be a shorter or longer pause between tones.

There are three possible scenarios in each task:

The selection bar will not be visible during audio playback, it appears only after both tones have finished playing.

All tones have the same physical characteristics (frequency 3000Hz, waveform sine,..). You only need to focus on the length (duration) of the tone.

In each task you must choose one of the offered options (1,2,=).

Since demo mode is enabled, solutions to all tasks will be available.

Results for each item and summed results

The percentage of points scored (green) in relation to the maximum possible number of points in the task is shown. Total range: 0%-100%.

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