Here you can configure application settings: 

One by one dot will briefly appear on the screen.

Your task is to find a dot that will NOT be within the same imagined (vizualized) line (direction) and enter the order of appearance (ordinal number) of this dot on the screen.

There are two possible cases:

  1. only one of the dots displayed will NOT be within the same imagined line. In this case, enter the ordinal number (1,2,3 ..) of this dot that is NOT in the same vizualized line.
  2. all points are within the same imagined line. In that case, enter 0 as a correct solution.

As the demo mode is on, the target dot will be displayed in red. The solution of the task will be written on the screen.

Before you begin, maximize your screen size and do not resize your screen until the end.

Which dot was not on the same imagined line?

(0 = all dots were on the same line)

Version info: v2.1Powered by: Behaviour Brain Research