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Mountain air

The Mountain air is a free application that is used to create and start web surveys.

How it works Mountain air?

By logging in the Mountain air application you can create your own complex web research.

After you create your research, you get a public shareable Hyperlinks like this:

All your users can access this public Hyperlink(s) to start your research. This links you can easily use according to your needs. This public Hyperlink you can forward to all your users without any restrictions. (eg. using copy/paste or you can forward Hyperlinks by E-mail to your users). You can always temporarily disable this public Hyperlink and then activate this link again.

Your users do not have to be logged in Mountain air application to start your survey.

You have a significant number of templates that let you create a new survey. There are also tools for copying entire survey and individual items within the survey.

In our research, you can display: text data, images, audio, video files and use timers.

You can define validators separately for each item as well as minimum and maximum number of options that can be selected within each item.

You can display statistics for each item (table and 10 types of graphs).

In the background (hidden or visible), you can monitor the time of displaying each group of items, as well as the order of selection options within each item.

The main dependent variable in Mountain air research is a user answer (a text or ordinal number of the selected option in the item). However, in cases where it is possible to choose more choices within the same item, it is possible to follow the order of choosing choices (options, answers) within each item. We call this ranks. Also in the background is automatically recorded display time for each (group of) items on the screen. Note that time and ranks in some researches may be more valuable than the user answer.

Your surveys you can always easily change (for example, adding a new item or deleting existing items).

Within this application you can download the results on all your surveys (xls, xlsx, html format, tables).

The application provides statistical monitoring data on all your surveys (charts and tables).

New surveys can be easily created using templates. You have a significant number of templates that let you create a new survey. The form and content of the survey mostly depends on your creativity and imagination.

The application allows the calculation of the numerical results of the surveys and results at each of the items in the survey (for items type: Button, Checkbox, Radio, Select, Image).

All our surveys have a Multiple Forms feature that lets you simultaneously start more surveys on one web page, but also the possibility to start surveys within your web page. Multiple Forms feature means that each survey works independently of other surveys on the same web page.

We allow calls from other domains ie. other websites. More advanced users can use the Mountain air using HTML (JavaScript) programming code within your website which allows for a more flexible method of administration.

More advanced users, see the bottom of this web page (Section for  developers).

Main features of Mountain air application are:

  • Free creation of web surveys (questionnaire, poll, exam, research, test, forms)
  • HTML 5.0 support (new browsers)
  • Backward compatibility to HTML 4.01 (older browsers)
  • Works with JavaScript or without JavaScript
  • Multiple Forms Interaction. Starting (processing) several different surveys on the same page
  • AJAX (exchanging data asynchronously between browser and server to avoid full page reloads). Send the results to the server without reloading the entire web page
  • UTF-8 (using International Characters). UTF-8 standard covers (almost) all the characters, punctuations, and symbols in the world.
  • Validators for numbers and entered text
  • A significant number of templates for creating new surveys
  • Built-in tools to copy items and entire surveys
  • 10 basic types of items with many versions
  • Around 30 different settings per survey (header, footer, setting content of all messages, timer, CAPTCHA, progress bar for the item and time, set colors, statistics, tables, different types of graphs, using the keyboard, ranks, display time, automatically submit..)
  • Items with one or more choices. Required items
  • A classic selection of text (button, checkbox, radio, select)
  • Works with images
  • Works with multimedia (video, audio)
  • Ranking of choice within the same item (ranks)
  • The background monitoring display times of each (group of) items in seconds
  • Built-in timers
  • Statistics for items (charts - 10 types and tables)
  • Export the results of surveys in general known formats
  • Web forms that are used for data entry
  • It is possible to start (call) survey within your website
  • Calculating the numerical result of the surveys
  • Respond to keyboard events to speed up data entry
  • No advertising
  • Registration and membership is absolutely free

This is just a list of the main features of our surveys. There are a number of other features that because of the size we can not describe here. Our customers can use the extensive help documentation (login before) as well as customer support.

See our demo gallery:  here

Mountain air website:

Terms of use

Our Terms of use can be viewed here.


This application is extensively tested with all major web browsers. If you have technical difficulties with the operation of this web application you can send e-mail to:

For example, if you have problems with the initial registration, login problems, work within the Dashboard, Control Panel, difficulties in changing content within the survey, send an email to this address.
Please give us the name and version of the web browser with which you have problems.
If you are having difficulty with a particular survey, send in your email the id parameter or a complete web address (see examples below).
We will reply as soon as we can.
Before sending mail, please refer to our help pages.
Our initial help website is (you must be logged in): here.
Communication languages: English or Croatian.


If you notice abuse within our web application, please report this to us by e-mail:

Because within our web applications there are a large number of surveys, please mail the id number in the survey within a Web address (URL) or the full web address.
For example, this is id=12:

For example, this is id=21:

You can also send us a Screenshot (screen capture).

Communication languages: English or Croatian.

For developers:

We allow calls from other domains ie. other websites. Your users don't have to be logged in Mountain air application to start your survey.

Mountain air is strongly frontend based application. Although Mountain air web application can run successfully without JavaScript within Mountain air domain, in the present moment for calls outside Mountain air domain JavaScript must be enabled on the client.

Examples (see the source code):