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Perceptive redundancy task

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You've probably noticed that many times you are able to recognize an object in very poor visibility (e.g. fog, twilight,..). This phenomenon has long been used in computer science (e.g. processing and image coding). Previously acquired knowledge (learning process) and the environmental context in which the stimulus is located significantly help to identify objects in poor visibility. Based on this, we sometimes guess the content of the object, more than on the physical characteristics of the stimulus. The empirical fact is that our brain is certainly not required to have 100% of visual information for successful object recognition. The key question is: how little? This app tries to give a partial answer to this question to some extent.

This application is a extension of the work on the idea used in our desktop application Redundancy developed in 2001. year

Stimuli (random alphanumeric characters or image files) are displayed masked.

These stimuli are initially difficult to recognize because they are highly masked. Gradually the stimuli become easier to recognize.

The task is to hit the displayed content as early as possible.

A form for changing application settings is included. It has the option of storing results in a web browser.

Language interface: Simple English

Software requirements: Any web browser with ECMAScript 5 support. See browser list: here.

If you want to use your own image files (supported image file formats: png, jpe?g, gif, bmp) web browser must meet these requirements (green). See browser list: here.

The application has been tested on the following web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Opera. We mainly develop all our web applications in the Firefox browser. Therefore, generally speaking, the latest version of Firefox is always the most secure solution for reliable use of our web applications.

Licence: GNU Lesser General Public License

Version: 1.1