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Puzzle task

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Stimuli (image files or random alphanumeric characters) are divided into parts (puzzle effect). The user's task is to use the drag and drop action to rearrange the pieces of the puzzle into the correct positions. The pieces of the puzzle are in the shape of (rotating) rectangles.

You can use your own images (stimuli) in this application. Supported image file formats: png, jpe?g, gif, bmp.

The application includes a form with a large number of variable settings. It is possible to activate the option to save the results in a web browser.

Language interface: Simple English

Software requirements: Any web browser with ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) support. See browser list: here.

The application has been tested on the following web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Opera. We mainly develop all our web applications in the Firefox browser. Therefore, generally speaking, the latest version of Firefox is always the most secure solution for reliable use of our web applications.

Licence: GNU Lesser General Public License

Version: 1.0