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Since 2000

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Digit Span Task

Last Version: 2.1

Application status: release

WM1 Screenshot


Software requirements:

  1. OS Microsoft Windows (32 or 64Bit: all Windows from Windows 95/NT to Windows 10)
  2. Microsoft Jet 4.0 Database Engine (or Microsoft Access application)

Language interface:   Simple English

Help file:   Yes (only Croatian language). Use Help with "F1" button, Help buttons or "?" mark.

You can use this program in your language (sound files). This application can call digits 0..9 in your language. If you replace the audio files 0.wav, 1.wav, .. 9.wav with those in your language, the application will call these digits in your language. You may not change the names of these files, their type (.wav), the name of the audio subdirectory or its location.

Note: If the help file (WM1.chm) does not display the contents, you need to unblock it.  See image (Windows 10)