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Selective attention task

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The Stroop effect is the delay in reaction time between congruent and incongruent stimuli. The Selective Attention Theory suggests that color recognition, as opposed to reading a word, requires more attention. The brain needs to use more attention to recognize a color than to encode a word, so it takes a little longer. Anterior cingulate gyrus, had found increased activated when viewing conflicting stimulus. Source: Stroop effect

Although this application was initially inspired by the classic Stroop task, you need to be aware of the fact that the original Stroop experiment cannot be replicated on a computer. Although this application is manifestly similar to the Stroop task, it is clear that there are large and significant differences between this application and the classic Stroop task (eg here the respondent's answer is motor, not verbal, time is measured differently,..).

It is possible to customize the language interface (eg enter color names in your own language). A form for changing application settings is included.

Language interface: Simple English

Software requirements: Any web browser with ECMAScript 5 support. See browser list: here.

Licence: GNU Lesser General Public License

Latest version: 1.1


Version: 1.0


If you want to use your own language interface, we do not recommend using Edge and Internet Explorer browsers because they complicate the offline mode of the application and it is usually necessary to restart the browser to update the language settings. Recommended browser: Firefox.