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Freeware web survey (questionnaire, test, quiz, exam) tool

Production Year: 2013

Last Version: 1.0

Application status: release

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Do you have the need for frequent and rapid collection of data on the web in the form of various questionnaires, surveys, tests, quizzes, exams? If your needs do not exceed the most commonly used simple model: one question - one or multiple answers, and you do not have a huge number of requests simultaneously connected users to your website, then NetTG can be a simple, fast and flexible solution.

NetTG is a freeware Web application that is used to start the database created using the WinTG desktop application.

The basic purpose: Run the wintg.mdb database (survey, questionnaire, test, quiz, exam) on the web server.

The general purpose: quickly store information in a database on the basis of a set of available options on the Internet (Intranet).

Installation (setup): The procedure to activate this web application to the web server is very simple. Just upload this files to the web server and insert (copy/paste) wintg.mdb access database to the required position. And that's all..

Basic features:

  • free web survey tool that works well for basic smaller surveys with small to moderate number of simultaneously connected users
  • this software does not require substantial technical knowledge to install, configure and customize on web server, just simple file upload, the software automatically establishes a connection to a database
  • customization of the look of the survey is done using WinTG free desktop application
  • this software package can be installed on your own web server

Detailed instructions for setting up and operation of this web application is located in the file: NetTG.pdf.

Web server (back end) requirements:

  • Target framework:     .NET Framework 4.5 ( 4.5). Minimum 4.0
  • Access (Microsoft Jet 4.0 Database Engine) support
  • Permits execute an operations in a separate thread (separate background process is used to store data in database)

Client (front end) requirements:

  • JavaScript (JS) must be enabled (jQuery)

wintg.mdb* database requirements:

  • Minimum WinTG database version: 2.1
  • test (survey, questionnaire, quiz, exam) must be in Locked (valid) state

wintg.mdb* = the Access database (survey, questionnaire, quiz, exam) is created within freeware WinTG desktop application.