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Find target - movement M-Task

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Motion detection plays a very important role in the continuous evolutionary process for species survival. In the past, it was much less researched, compared to the P-pathway, which could be explored in the classical "paper-pencil" way. The M-pathway was not significantly tested until the 20th century when the development of technology finally made it possible to test it. The revolutionary discovery of integrated circuits, and consequently microprocessors, and the development of (cheap) computers, finally enabled a more significant examination of this phenomenon.

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In real research, it is usually not possible to examine the M-pathway and the P-pathway separately, because they most often act in interaction, and occur in parallel with many other cognitive processes. Despite these problems, this application tries to make a small contribution to further exploration of this interesting and often ignored area. The participant should detect movements and/or changes in the position of target stimuli within different contexts of non-target stimuli. This application starts easily and directly from a web browser. A form for changing application settings is included.

Language interface: Simple English

Software requirements: Any operating system with html and JavaScript support (Web-based application: uses only web browser)

Licence: GNU Lesser General Public License

Version: 1.0


Your web browser must support emojis. You can check if your web browser supports emojis here. If your browser does not support emoji, use standard geometric shapes as stimuli. Recommended browser: Firefox