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Path tracking task

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Trajectory (path) tracking is a frequent and important task in everyday life for a large number of animal species. Tracking a sensory trajectory (directly controlled by external senses) is more common than tracking an imaginary trajectory (cognitive-virtual).

Trajectory tracking is one of the fundamental problem tasks in robotics (e.g. in the development of autonomous vehicles). Although in the future more and more human activities will be fully automated, there will always be one part that will never be fully robotized, and will require human mechanical control and / or monitoring. Unfortunately, due to anatomical limitations and reduced processing speed and critical decision making at very short time intervals, humans could be a weaker link in human-computer interaction. Path tracking task is important in working with most often very expensive and precise devices that are automated, but which still have to be operated by human hands.

This is a very simple task that consists of tracking the path on the screen using a Pointing device. The path should be completed in the shortest possible time interval without errors. There are four basic types of paths: sine, rectangle, line, arc. Within this task it is possible to change a very small number of options.

Language interface: Simple English

Software requirements: Any web browser with ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) support. See browser list: here.

The application has been tested on the following web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Opera. We mainly develop all our web applications in the Firefox browser. Therefore, generally speaking, the latest version of Firefox is always the most secure solution for reliable use of our web applications.

Licence: GNU Lesser General Public License

Version: 1.0