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Visual-spatial short-term memory task

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Solving this task requires visual-spatial short-term memory. The person must remember the position of each object (dot) and the spatial relationship between objects.

The dots appear on the screen one by one in a short time interval, therefore these dots must be temporarily stored in the visual short-term memory.

This application contains three paradigms: Imaginary line (1), Imaginary distance (2), Imaginary circle (3).

In the first paradigm task is to find a dot that will not be within the same imagined (vizualized) line.

In the second paradigm, the task is to find a dot that will have different distance from the previous and next dot within the same imagined line.

In the third paradigm task is to find the dot that is not located on an imaginary circle, ie. the a dot that is not equidistant from the center of the screen as the other dots.

At the end of the research the results are presented in the form of graphs and tables.

A form for changing basic application settings is included (eg choice of paradigm, number of dots displayed, dots display time, delay interval length, item number, monochrome dots or in color, task weight/offset,..).

Language interface: Simple English

Software requirements: Any web browser with ECMAScript 5 support. See browser list: here.

Licence: GNU Lesser General Public License

Version: 2.1


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